International Business Case Study: Communication Across Cultures

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| Charles Foster Sends and Email | Exam 1 | | Richard Greer | 9/26/2012 |


The case, Charles Foster sends an email, is a perfect example of the how globalization and increased cross cultural interaction is increasing the complexity and ambiguity facing the managers of large multinational companies. The specific focus of this case is to address the repercussions that can occur by using inadequate communication methods, given the importance and complexity of a situation. Also, the case addresses the possibility of cross cultural communication misinterpretation leading to confusion and confrontation amongst the parties involved. The objective of this qualitative analysis is to utilize both theory and practical
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Foster stresses these concerns with the intension of addressing, in a professional and acceptable manner, to importance to of fixing the issues he sees as having a potential impact lack of supply. Foster first chooses to send the email to fellow American, Richard Howe, the Senior Vice President of HPT. Foster reports directly to Richard Howe. Given the professional relationship between the two men, Howe trusts that Foster’s concerns are valid and he decides they are important enough to pass along the to, Maurice Leblanc, the head of the Strategic Business Unit for HTC. Howe’s decisions are typical of a western style management, he addresses that concerns Foster presents to him, understands the issues are important, realizes it is not his area of expertise, and forwards the email to the appropriate individual that can handle the issues. Maurice Leblanc’s appears, as the head of the strategic business unit of HTP, and the individual responsible for assuring a successful JV, interprets the email with serious concern. He and immediately reaches out to Ahmed Hassan, president of the JV, to address the issues and to confirm the severity of the situation. Lablanc is concerned over the quality and control issues of the JV and specifically seeks information as to whether the JV is conforming to the Standard Protocol for the US safety standards. Ahmed Hassan, the president of the JV, is the final person to receive the email composed by Foster.
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