Essay about International Business Communication

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Part I My fast-food franchise has been cleared start a business in United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico, and China. I will now begin the construction of my restaurants. The financing of my business will come from the United Arab Emirates, the materials will come from China and Mexico, the technology and engineering will come from Israel, and the labor in the restaurants will consist of hiring employees within the countries that the business is in. My management team from the United States will be in charge of hiring employees for the restaurants. There will be a big meeting at the headquarters located in the United States to provide and explain the project and to help everyone become acquainted with one another. While attending the…show more content…
The lack of intercultural communication and interaction between the groups are personal space, eye contact, and ethnocentricity. Ethnocentricity is lacking because each of the groups may speak a different language and does not have a clear understanding of another language. The groups are lacking eye contact because they are no together and communicating effectively with the use of eye contact. Personal space is another lack of intercultural communication and interaction between the groups, because each of the groups are staying to their own personal space and it seems as though they may feel uncomfortable if they were not in their own personal space Some cultures can feel uncomfortable and insult others, when there is a lack of cultural understanding. To help the groups get together, I have researched the economic, political, educational, and social systems of each of the groups. The United Arab Emirates income is the highest in the whole world. The industry, commerce, construction, transportation, free trade zones, farming, tourism, communications, and farming has grew, due to the decline in the prices of oil and the government tried to diversify the national economy(Countries and Their Cultures, 2013). The political system in the UAE consist of a federal government that is made up of the cabinet, Supreme Council, Federal
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