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Executive Summary 3

Introduction 4

Company Overview 5

Attractiveness of the market 7

Country Factor Analysis 7

▪ Political Factor 7 ▪ Economic Factor 9 ▪ Social Factor 9 ▪ Cultural Factor 10 ▪ Legal Factor 11 ▪ Religious Factor 12

Conclusion 12

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Executive Summary:-



The world is getting smaller and smaller by new ways of technology and modes of communication. With the rapid changes in the globalization now every country is on the pathway to develop the international trade with different countries. India being a developing country developed countries like United States; United Kingdom etc. are keen on launching their
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Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular and successful character designed by Walt Disney, the series of Snow white and the series of Seven Dwarfs Also.

The Disney World Comprises of: -
1) Magic Kingdom: The magic kingdom has the theme parks and various resorts which forms the main business of the company. Disneyland is not just home for Disney characters, but it is also home for its visitors, Disneyland has resorts and parks for visitors to give them a peaceful stay. The construction of parks and resorts had begin in 1952, Anaheim, California. Construction of park and resorts brought great booming change in revenue of Disneyland. The successful chain of Disneyland resorts was started among world’s different continents, some of theme parks around the globe are as follows: ▪ Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California is the main hub, from where Disneyland eventually grew up. ▪ Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida ▪ Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba ▪ Disneyland Resort, Paris, Marne La Valle ▪ Hong Kong Disneyland, penny’s bay, Lantau island
2) Epcot
3) Disney MGM studios
4) Disney Animal Kingdom
5) Bilggard Beach

The main objective of the company is to give the best value for the money and experience for life time. The company has started to expand its business

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