International Business Environment And Marketing Management

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I chose international business environment as my topic of interest

The reason why I chose this topic because I would like to become an international business manager in the future, so as a result of that I have to know a lot about the international business environment and that will help to develop my career in international of business management and yes international business environment is related to my area of study or professional field of study, as a student of business administration and management, I would definitely come across learning the principles that guide and help one on how to study the international business environment and adopt it ,

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International business environment. International Business
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Warehouses: it is the storage or facilities that company uses to store its product or its raw material.

Advertising: is the activities that business do to attract wider customer’s attention.

Marketing: is the business department that deal with selling of the business output to customers.

Research agencies: those agencies that are specialize in taking business researches like finding out what customers want and need.

Business consulting firms: these are business advisory firms that advice business people about how to conduct or get from a bank or how to manage a business.

Financial institutions: these are the banks and other financial institution that provide funds and keep business incomes on behalf of them.

Competitors: these are the business that conduct business in the business and in the same market or sell the same product.

Customer’s general public: these are the people who have interest on the business activities that a business sell.

While the customers constitute firm 's market, suppliers and market intermediaries help providing the firm with inputs and assist in production and marketing processes. Competitors and general public also influence the way a firm conducts its business.

Macro environment consists of broader forces which affect the firm as well as other actors in the firm 's micro environment. These include factors such as

Geographic: it is where the business conduct a business the business
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