International Business Environment : Individual Assignment

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International Business Environment: Individual Assignment
Know a Leading Business Enterprise and its Internal Environment:
Alstom India
Sathu Sharath
Section B

I, Sharath Sathu do hereby declare that the report is my individual effort and no part of the report is copied from published/unpublished sources without proper citation.

Executive Summary:

This report aims to understand and evaluate the internal environment of Alstom India Limited which was established a century ago in India. The company’s vision and mission suggest a strong drive towards achieving excellence in the field they work in i.e., Power and Transport. The organization has a strong value system as it strives to be No.1 in whatever they do, even
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Alstom India Limited

Alstom is a global leader in power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure. Alstom India Limited has been associated with India for over a century and has a reputation for providing highly innovative & sustainable solutions for the energy and transport requirements of the country. It has capabilities in manufacturing, engineering, project management and power generation supply, transmission and transport sector requirements.
It employees 9000 people in India. Alstom India has 4 R&D centres one in Bengaluru (for Power and Transport), Vadodara (for Power) and Hosur, (Grid). Alstom possess two Engineering centres for power in Noida and Calcutta and also 12 manufacturing units across India.
“Be one of the Credible Private Sector Supplier of STG packages in India”
• The organization benefits from an upcoming highly technological manufacturing facility.
• The organization wants to be recognized as a reliable, safe and standard highest quality supplier.
• Contribute to the long term growth of India by promoting clean sustainable solutions.
“Deliver state-of-the-art technology while increasing market share in India”
The organizations mission is to define, develop, market, sell, design and build to satisfy the customers:
• For the STG packages, they provide competitive, sustainable and reliable
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