International Business Environment, Italy

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International Business Environment

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November 2012

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Executive Summary

This work is a presentation of a short review of the current general economic situation in Europe, which includes a description of current trends, a description of the crisis in the economically strong countries in Europe. Most detailed information is presented on the state of the hotel industry in Europe and Italy in particular. This material
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For many investors, especially from eastern markets, such uncertainty is actually business as usual. [pic]

To stay competitive, international investors have opted to push ahead with business development. Despite the recent and ongoing economic volatility, Europe remains the world’s largest single market, and the magnetic attraction of its 500 million highspending consumers, together with a stable and transparent legal and regulatory environment, remain powerful draws for investors (Ernst & Young’s, 2012)

Short European hotels market overview There is no doubt that the Eurozone crisis, the malaise in the banking sector and political upheaval in the Arab world pose persistent challenges for the hotel industry. At the same time, leading industry players are adapting and learning to live with uncertainty. Business confidence in the largest European economies is beginning to stabilize, because people think the worst-case scenario in the Eurozone is unlikely. After the improved transaction levels in 2010, the volume of hotel sales in Europe increased further in 2011 by 9 %, to a total investment of about 7.1 billion Euro (HVS, 2012) The Europe hotel industry posted mixed results in year-over-year metrics when reported in U.S. dollars, euros and British pounds for September 2012, according to data compiled by STR Global, the leading provider of market data to the hotel industry.

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