International Business Environments & Operations by Daniels Summary of Chapter 2

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8th March, Friday 2013 A Study on Human Resource Management Practices in KSRM Steel Plant Limited. Md. Sazzad Bin Rashid Roll no: 296, 11th batch(9th) 2nd Semister, EMBA for Engineers,USTC. Abstract Human resource management practices are now considered as one of the key contributing factors to the success of an organization. The organizations are putting increased emphasis on the policies and practices of HRM to gain competitive advantage. Throughout the whole case study several HRM practices related to the supply chain department of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. are discussed. These HRM practices include human resource planning, recruitment,induction,training,performance,employee,development,compensation plan etc. This…show more content…
If the department needs more people at any time of the year, it sends the requisition according to the same procedure to the human resource department. Recruitment and Selection Human resource recruitment is the practice or activity carried out by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. Selection is the process by which companies decide who will or will not be allowed into organizations. Thus recruitment is the process of getting a pool of candidates for the organization who can meet the requirements of a specific job. After that selecting a person from those candidates is one of the toughest jobs for an organization. In today's competitive business world it is very difficult to survive without potential manpower. Successful recruitment and selection can be expensive and time-consuming. But unsuccessful recruitment and selection can be a cause of the death of a business. KSRM is one of the biggest employers in Bangladesh. Recruitment Objectives KSRM needs such people for the supply chain department who can meet the needs of the organization to maintain the core business activities. Thus it searches for such people who are capable of doing the procurements and also maintaining the relationship with the supplier as a representative of KSRM. Thus the objective of KSRM is to hire a dynamic and outstanding person in the supply chain management
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