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How does international business achieve its internationalization objectives in the contemporary context?

In today’s prosperous modern society, Multinational Corporation and international organisation becomes a common key factor in increasing economic and social interconnection. Globalization grows mobility of goods and services, and expands business in all dimensions. To enterprise an international business is indeed a complex level of soaring towards the international trade. In order to up keep the business standards and objective, Silkenat, Aresty & klosek (2009) believes that trust is a fundamental matter in business trade. It gives reliability and a continuation business relationship.

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Therefore, with the partnership of ILO which is a specialize agency under United Nations and IFC under World Bank Group the programme brings a strong credibility and exposure (Better Work 2012).

Another value added program with ILO is Green Jobs, it was established 2007. The nation saw the unpredictable change in climate and want to promote awareness to create decent jobs in favour to the environmental policies and challenges affecting climate changes (ILO 2012).

Green jobs held social dialogue conference with ministers providing them knowledge how green jobs like reducing consumption of energy, raw materials, minimizing waste pollution and protecting resources to attain a sustainable growth, hence reduce poverty (ILO 2012). ILO (2011) reported that countries with greener economies provide potential job creations; it deals better with the coming structural changes and reconstruction of existing jobs as a global.

Combining value added programs and the number of countries participating geographic, ILO has a higher advantage to support the members with better economic growth, higher standard of living and improving labour rights. Kutscher & Baurle (1997) mentioned that organization with more value added aboard is able to internationalize and activities can be widely spread and disperse among countries.

Another reason was integration use for internationalize ILO. Integration was used to

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