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Group Assignment: BHP BILLITON
International Business Theory & Practice (MGF 5966)

Mr. Sharif Rasel

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Due Date – Week 11

BHP Billiton, which is Broken Hill Proprietary Billiton, is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining and petroleum company. BHP started its operation in Melbourne in 1885 which is one of Australia’s largest and oldest companies, and it focused on development, discovery, production, and marketing of natural resources. In value-added flat steel products, BHP was also a market leader. In 1860, Billiton was established in The Hague,
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Meanwhile, the CSR activities create communities a trustworthy of the organization by contributing benefit for society. For example, BHP Billiton has been a part of communities which made the grant to ANDA project to help vulnerable and displaced people in Colombia. The company also invested $13.4 m in the five rivers conservation project. This will create secure, lasting conservation position for the land and make an endowment for the long-term management of the property in Tasmania, Australia. Those projects have assisted human perception to think positive regarding the organization.
In addition, BHP Billiton works to improve risk profile by enhancing the identification and management of health, safety, society and environment risks. The company has shown a reduction of 5.7 % in potential employee exposures to carcinogens and airborne pollutants. It is their sustainability focus on people to maintain people and operation safe, concentrate on people health and well-being as well as developing their employee. Thus, it is a motive for the BHP Billiton’s employee to bring up the innovation.
Apart from that, BHP Billiton also developed a code of business conduct by initiated land and biodiversity management plans for all of its operations as these included controls to prevent the damage of the environment and compensation influence to biodiversity and ecosystems services. With this plan, the firm has created the value of
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