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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Name: Dao Bach Van Class: EMBA - 9B. Question No.1: The freedom in the world survey evaluates the state of political rights and civil liberties around the world. Provide a description of this survey and a “ freedom” ranking of the leaders and laggards of the world. What factors does this survey consider when forming the ranking? Answer: 1. General information 1.1.Concept The Freedom in the World survey, which has been published since 1972, is an annual evaluation of the state of freedom in every country in the world. The survey divides freedom into two broad categories: political rights and civil liberties. Political rights allow people…show more content…
ree | |1 |Belgium |Free |11 |Congo (Kinshasa) |Not Free | |1 |Canada |Free |11 |Ethiopia |Not Free | |1 |Cape Verde |Free |11 |Iran |Not Free | |1 |Chile |Free |11 |Zimbabwe |Not Free | |1 |Costa Rica |Free |12 |Belarus |Not Free | |1 |Cyprus |Free |12 |Chad |Not Free | |1 |Czech Republic |Free |12 |China |Not Free | |1 |Denmark |Free |12 |Côte d’Ivoire |Not Free | |1 |Dominica |Free |12 |Cuba |Not Free | |1 |Estonia |Free |12 |Laos |Not Free | |1
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