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Ngan Pham INTB 3354 (Tuesday 4:00-5:30PM) 11/30/2014, 11:30AM, Skype Ashley Ngo, Regional Marketing Executive Position (Europe Trade Section), Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd International Business Interview Three specific questions asked: 1. What type of competitive strategy does your business use? 2. What specific product, promotion/brand, and pricing adjustments are necessary to market your business abroad? 3. What role do particular countries have in the production process in your global supply chain operations? Essay Hanjin Shipping is popular worldwide because of not only the largest company in the Korea’s shipping industry, but also one of the ten world’s biggest cargo shippers. Hanjin Shipping provides services over the…show more content…
For example, Europe back to Subamarang is the back-haul, but the area from Singapore to Subamarang is the head-haul. Reefer box, as known as refrigerated container, is listed in the Hanjin’ potential products list. Since reefer boxes are limited and demand for it is escalated from EU to Asia, reefer boxes are promoted inbound in Asia to export boxes to Europe. As a result, Hanjin can maximize EQ-equipment turnover. Some ports in Europe, such as Felixtowe in Great Britain, have a surplus of reefer boxes, thus the company can adjust the rate higher in order to limit the trade into such area while surplus areas, such as Barcelona in Spain, are offered a reasonable low rate to give Asia-Europe service promotions. Afterwards, the company gets higher contribution margin derives from Europe-Asia trade. Another way Hanjin reinforces its core business globally is promoting “shipper owned container”, “SOC” for short, in the area where boxes are deficit to save on empty repositioning cost. In surplus areas, Hanjin tries to be flexible with its rates to clear out the boxes and send them to other areas with high demand. The rates can be adjusted from lower to higher accordingly. Hanjin Shipping, additionally, has a service diversification to Africa as NAF-North Africa-Asia, WAF-West Africa, EAF-East Africa, SAF-South Africa lines are added. Before cargos are
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