International Business Management Research Paper

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CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS Postgraduate Diploma in Management INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT The Impact of Fixed Exchange Rates in a Global Economy A Research Project Report on the Relevance of Fixed Exchange Rate Systems A case of World Vision Kenya Student’s Name: Hesbone Nzambuli Kang’e Registration Number: CAM/2006/PGD/KEN/00143 Purpose: Fulfilment of the Requirements of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Presented to: Cambridge Association of Manger, International Examinations, UK August 2007 DECLARATION I declare that this project is my original work and has not been exhibited or published in any way and has never been presented for any awards in any…show more content…
Further research is also recommended on the quantitative impact of FERSs on Not-For-profit organisations. These findings and recommendations will provide a reference point for WVK and other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) as they endeavour to minimise the impacts of fluctuating ERs on its business. Researchers and academicians will draw lessons from these findings, especially as they design appropriate Exchange Rates Systems for NGOs. TABLE OF CONTENTS | |PAGE | Declaration i Acknowledgemnts ii Executive Summary iii Table of Contents iv List of Tables and Figures vi List of Tables vi List of Figures vi Definition of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms vii Definition of Key Operational Terms vii List of Acronyms and Abbreviations viii Chapter One: Introduction 1 1.1. Organisational Background 1 1.2. Research Context 1 1.3. Statement of the Problem 1 1.4. Research Justification and
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