International Business

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CASE I ARROW AND THE APPAREL INDUSTRY 1. Why did Arvind Mills choose globalization as major route to achieve growth when domestic market was huge? Answer The reasons of choosing global market by Arvind Mills are: 1. Market seeking motives, such as exclusiveness of product and service with high productivity, stringent in-line quality control and an encouraging manufacturing atmosphere. 2. Economic motives, such as profit making by implementing cutting edge technologies to achieve economies of scale and spreading R&D costs. etc. 3. Strategic motives, such as buying-up of sick units, departing worldwide and gaining German and US brand names. 2. Hoe does lifting of Country-wise quota regime’ help Arvind Mills? Answer The…show more content…
Connecting these initiatives, there should be a commitment to enlarge the scope of innovation and to create environment conducive to Productivity. Productivity may be the outcome of techno-managerial practices, but eventually is the result of a mindset. Basic to this approach is the conviction that there is no limit to improvement. Even the best can be improved. The crucial ingredient is the preparedness of the human mind to change. Therefore, workers, managers, policy makers and others should be ready to continuously and collectively work for productivity improvement, not only in every economic activity, but also in every human endeavor for the development of the society as well as the country. Needless to mention, as we graduate further into knowledge era, traditional methods and principles will become increasingly ineffective and we will have to innovatively augment productivity both at micro as well as macro level to realize a global competitive edge. 2. Pick up some Indian services
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