International Business Practices

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During this last semester, I have learned a lot about international business practices. Some companies have flopped after moving business outside of the United States boarders while others have strived and been very successful. This semester, I traveled to Bangalore (Bangaluru) for the second time for work. During this trip, I built stronger and more meaningful business relationships. My final research paper will explore American based businesses and their successes while taking their corporations abroad. I felt that this topic was relevant in my life because on a day-to-day basis while at work, I deal with many different cultures (even if I am not traveling for work). To explore and understand some intercultural communication success stories from other companies that have been positive, will only improve on my relations. “Globalization is a broad concept defined in many different ways. To begin with, it can be understood as, 'Growing interdependence between different peoples, regions and countries in the world as social and economic relationships come to stretch worldwide'.” (Shaheen, 2010) One of McDonald’s biggest cultural differences they encountered while expanding into countries other than the United States was some of their well-known and popular menu items were unacceptable to other populations. After 4 years of planning, in 1995, in order to open its first location in India, McDonald’s took the initiative to meet with and interact with Indian locals Amit Jatia's (
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