International Business Programs Case Study

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If college students want to get connected with the international programs, they can do so, by learning who the faculty and staff are. There are numerous of faculty and staff members on the international programs. Some of them include Brad Bodenhausen, a director of international leadership and training center, Yi Winnie Wu, a assistant program specialist, Jinzi Fan, a program specialist in the international leadership and training center, Kelly Cabrera, a coordinator in the international leadership and training center, and Doctor Yuan Helen Zhuang, a language specialist. Each staff and faculty, were trained to help students learn about their program.
International Business Program is offered through the Magellan Exchange and the IBP.
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The State Department's Country Information page is helpful in comprehending health condition, crime and security information, unusual immigration practices, drug penalties, minor political disturbances, and unusual currency and entry regulations, as well as legal document requirements. The international friend of Missouri State University, is designed to help international students find a quality friendship with at least one American family. If you are a United States student, and are interested in becoming a part of the international friendship, you must attend one of the orientation sessions. There are separate orientation sessions for participating international students and for hosts (families or individuals). Students may find some benefits of interning programs abroad at the ISA Internship. These programs are located in Spain, South Korea, New Zealand, England, Ireland, China, Chile, and Australia. Students will not only receive an internship position, but a world-wide career-building experience. The program options, include a eight week set-date internships, with four pre-set intakes each year, and includes option for six credit through Carroll College, and the mulit-day on-site Bridging Cultures Program orientation. The program options also includes custom date internships, which are offered when a participate who cannot make it to one of the pre-set placements due to a different duration required or to a date
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