International Business Strategies For Action Essay

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES IN ACTION Name: Institution: Course: Date: Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Research Plan and Analysis 4 Research Plan 4 Research Analysis 5 Barriers to International Trade 5 Conclusion 8 Counter-purchases 8 Acquisitions 8 E-business 8 Reference 9 International Business Strategies in Action Part 1 Executive Summary O&O Consulting is a major human resource firm within the local and regional market extending to cover the United States, Canada. We pride ourselves in providing excellent and relevant strategic, managerial solutions to our clients who range exclusively of medium sized firms to multinationals. We attribute this to our strong work ethic to efficacy and accuracy in task performances. This is alongside stretching the professional and educational limits of members with an objective of providing fresh challenges and contributing to the overall academic and professional development of members. This report aims at providing an overview to the challenges posed to organizations that are intending to extend their operations into both the regional and global markets. A major reason why most organizations fail in the pursuit of globalization is not necessarily due to the strong competition experienced by other established multinationals but rather the lack of foresight on the bottlenecks present in participating within these markets. As such, they fail to incorporate means of solving or going around such
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