International Case - Restructuring at Korea's Daewoo

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Question – 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a hands-off, decentralized management approach ?

Answer – 1
1. Decentralization. It is the “tendency to disperse decision making authority in an organized structure”.
2. Decentralized Organization. A decentralized organization is one in which decision making is not confined to a few top executives rather is throughout the organization, with managers at various levels making key operating decisions relating to their sphere of responsibility. Decentralization is a matter of degree, since all organizations are decentralized to some extent out of necessity. At one extreme, a strongly decentralized organization is one in which even
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The succeeding paragraphs summarise the advantages and disadvantages of decentralization.

a. Advantages
(1) Top management is relieved of much day-to-day problem solving and is left free to concentrate on strategy, on higher level decision making, and coordinating activities.
(2) Decentralization provides lower level managers with vital experience in making decisions. Without such experience, they would be ill-prepared to make decisions when they are promoted into higher level positions. It also provides them more freedom and independence in decision making.
(3) Added responsibility and decision making authority often result in increased job satisfaction.
(4) Responsibility and the authority, that goes with it makes the job more interesting and provides greater incentives for people to put out their best efforts.
(5) Lower level managers generally have more detailed and up to date information about local conditions than top managers. Therefore the decisions of lower level management are often based on better information.
(6) It is difficult to evaluate a manager's performance if the manager is not given much latitude in what he or she can do.
(7) Promotes establishment and use of broad controls that may increase motivation.
(8) Makes comparison of performance of different organization units possible.
(9) Facilitates setting up of profit centers.
(10) Facilitates product
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