International Children 's Digital Library Essay

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International Children 's Digital Library/Biblioteca Digital Internacional para Niños
• The name of this website is International Children 's Digital Library a Library for the World 's Children.
• The languages that this site can be translated to is English, Spanish, French, Mongolian and Russia.
• This website is designed to allow students to work with a parent or a teacher at home or at school. The site is also designed for children or adults who have left their home country and still want to read in their native language, this can be very difficult if not almost impossible but this site is designed to help with those problems.
• Though this site can be translated in to five different languages it has twenty different languages of literature to choose from. This site also has a section for research papers as well as presentations, this allows students access to both worldwide. The site also allows for quick access to newly added books as well as to award-winning books.
• One of my favorite features would be how simple it is to change the site to at least five different languages, and when creating an account you also have the ability to choose from 20 languages. My next favorite feature of the website is how you can get the app on your iPhone or iPad using the StoryKit app in addition to using your computer.
• I think this is an excellent website, I love the fact that it allows people access to books in their native language. I also feel that it opens a door to students
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