International Classification of Diseases Coding Ii

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International Classification of Diseases Coding II Chapter 17 – 27 Chapter 17: 1. Which of the following anemias is caused by a failure of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells and may be congenital or acquired? A. Bone marrow deficiency anemia B. Sickle-cell anemia C. Aplastic anemia D. Thalassemia 2. Which of the following terms refers to either a reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin or a reduction in the volume of red blood cells? E. Anemia F. Coagulation defect G. Thrombocytopenia H. Leukocytosis 3. When a diagnostic statement of anemia is not qualified in any way, what should the coder do? I. Review the record for a surgical procedure; and if the…show more content…
Assign the appropriate codes. Codes: K57.33, D50.0 ,30233N1 ------------------------------------------------- ________________________________________________________________________ 7. The patient was admitted for epistaxis due to therapeutic anticoagulation medication for atrial fibrillation. There is recent history of resection of a mass of the vestibule of the mouth with graft repair and radiation therapy. When seen in the physician office, the patient’s Coumadin was discontinued due to high protime. Although the Coumadin was stopped, the protime continued to rise. Protime corrected with frozen plasma during hospitalization. Final diagnoses: (1) Epistaxis secondary to Coumadin, (2) recurrent cancer of vestibule of the mouth, (3) atrial fibrillation, (4) transfusion nonautologous plasma through peripheral vein. Assign the appropriate codes. Codes: R04.0___T45.51A__C06.1___I48.9___Z79.01__30233K1___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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