International Committee Of The Red Cross

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According to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the oldest humanitarian organization, humanitarianism can be defined as the independent, impartial and neutral delivery of relief to victims that are at risk of death, either because of natural disasters or armed conflicts. Across the decades, this concept has been changing; it was never the same. At the beginning it was only focused on certain type of people, such as soldiers. Nowadays, humanitarianism embrace all people without discrimination of any type. Over time the world is experiencing new and stronger natural disasters due to climate change; moreover, wars and conflicts between nations continue to create catastrophes all around the world. If humanitarian organizations are responsible for the provision of assistance to victims, how do their actions affect the development? Humanitarianism has not been the same since the beginning; battles and world wars shaped its concept. So, what effect produced humanitarian actions in those wars and battles? And what effect do those actions have these days? It is clear that humanitarianism have evolve through the decades and have change its ways of acting. This paper is aimed to analyze the influence of humanitarianism over the years and how that influence affects development. With this examination it is hoped to understand the role of humanitarian actions in development and their role nowadays. Humanitarianism, being the doctrine followed by those who promote human
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