International Credit Union Is The Largest Finan Cial Institution Essay

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FinancialStar International Credit Union is in the business of assisting our members and clients to become financially independent and well-balanced. Our goal is not to become the largest finan-cial institution in the world, but to develop each individual member for long-term success and financial stability. Our members know they can trust us to help them achieve a brighter financial future through education and tested and tried approaches to money management which allows them better use and control of their hard-earned money! As a result, they’ll enjoy greater finan-cial security and experience fewer financial problems. If FinancialStar International Credit Un-ion does its job well, we will consequentially experience substantial growth and increased in-vestment and market share.

We also believe that our employees are a key component to our success. We, therefore, ensure equal employment opportunities for all. We have developed diversity management offices within our structure to assure that an enterprise-wide strategy exists. In addition, we provide regular, appropriate and continuous formal and informal training for all employees, managers and supervi-sors while maintaining an organization that fosters camaraderie and true espirit de corp.

This strategic plan provides a roadmap for FinancialStar International Credit Union to better ac-commodate and assist our members while maintaining utmost professionalism, quality member service and unfailing attention to detail.

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