International Cuisine Studies : Japan

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Course 501 International Cuisine Studies Level 5, Credits 15 Part 1 Task 1.1 a. Japan is an island nation in the east of Asia and it totally has an archipelago consisting of 6,852 islands. Also, the North Pacific Ocean, Philippine Sea, East China Sea and the Japan Sea are bordered around Japan. It’s location depends this country will have huge sea resource to use and will be a mix-culture society from around counties such as China, Korea, Russia and etc. One factor that geography influences Japan is about foreign impact. In the 300 B.C. of China year, Japan has learned the cultivate skill for rice, soybean and Tofu from China and these type of foods are spread until now. Another factor is because the wonderful sea resources around Japan. The seafood is the main foods to Japanese for many years. Sushi and Sashimi these two famous Japanese foods are mainly made by rice and fresh seafood. b. For the year 2016, there are about 120 million people living in Japan. The population of Japan from the past until now has been reduced which is because Japan is now becoming a older people-based society country but new population’s amount cannot follow up. From the statistic, the most of population places are in the middle of East Japan and the southwest part. Nowadays, the currently trend shows more and more Japanese people are moving to urban city to work and few people stay at rural to mainly do farming work. In this case, the eating and drink patterns for these people who work
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