International Culture : Differences Between Eastern And Western Business Culture

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The business world has changed greatly over the years. Many business owners who previously were restricted to their geographical region or continent now find they are doing business in the far corners of the globe. While this is a good thing, individuals need to take care to ensure they do not offend a person they are doing business with. Often, offences are unintentional, but they can do a great deal of harm in a short period of time. For this reason, every individual doing business in another country must be aware of the culture and cultural habits for the optimal results. This is especially true when it comes to the Differences between Eastern and Western Business Culture.
Differences In Communication
First and foremost, individuals need to understand that Asians have a tendency to use non-verbal clues as opposed to stating something directly. Furthermore, they use subtle inferences, thus a person must read between the lines instead of taking what is said at face value. Disagreement will be expressed non-verbally also, as they don't like to tell someone no. Pay attention to these clues to grasp the full meaning of any communication.
The Business Mentality
Individuals from the east look at business differently than those from the west do. Eastern individuals feel they cannot conduct business with others until they have established a relationship. They don't wish to work with strangers and they don't form relationships easily. However, once this relationship has been
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