International Dimensions Of Organizational Behavior

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Introduction The organizations in the world today may face all kinds of challenges across the national boundaries. By learning the international dimensions of organizational behavior, a manager will make better and more ethical decisions for the following reasons. First of all, the managers will learn the classical theories of international dimensions of organizational behaviors that will improve the knowledge of the managers. The managers will know the impact of culture on organizations, the effect of cultural diversity on the organization, and how to manage cross-cultural subordinates. Since everyone is different in the organizations, the managers need to know all the possible reasons for all kinds of consequences. The globalized business has a demand for managers with cross-cultural management skills. International dimensions of organizational behavior for better decision making The understanding of the international dimensions of organizational behavior helps managers make better decisions in three major parts: the managerial functions, the managerial skills and the managerial facts of life. There was once a Chinese business man call Dr. An Wang. He was a Chinese American computer engineer who has electrical engineering degree in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and applied physics PHD in Harvard University. He was co-founder of the computer company Wang Laboratories. Wang Laboratories was a sole proprietorship company at beginning and had $27 million sales and 1400
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