International Economic Growth And Prosperity

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Education is the key to global economic growth and prosperity. For any educational institution to compete in the global market, it must invest in higher education in a manner that is productive, accountable and reactive to the contemporary needs of its population. Over the past decade, institutions of higher learning have experience a significant paradigm shift of the role of information technology. It has evolved from being solely a support function to becoming a leader in innovation for these institutions. This has allowed many to perform a system wide alignment of information technology with the institution’s larger vision and mission through developing a technology strategy. The technology strategic planning process represents a…show more content…
While there is no clear technology strategic plan lay out, there exists elements of the plan described here. A SWOT analysis is conduct to evaluate these elements of the technology strategic plan. This is followed by a discussion of growth opportunities that are specific to institutions of higher learning including the concept of disruptive innovation as described by Clayton Christensen. Finally, plan for future growth for West Virginia University is discussed in terms of developing a technology strategy. Five strategic goals are described as follows with specific objectives and action steps to achieve those objectives. INTRODUCTION West Virginia University is a public, land-grant institution founded in 1867. It has a research classification of High Research Activity as classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (West Virginia University, 2012). Currently, there are more than 1,700 full-time and almost 700 part-time faculty on the campus. The University spends almost $200 million annually in sponsored contracts and research grants and ranks nationally for several prestigious scholarships The University has a total of 14 colleges and schools offering 184 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs in the arts and sciences; business and economics; creative arts; engineering and mineral resources; human resources and education; journalism; law; agriculture, natural resources and design; dentistry;
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