International Economics Paper : Wal Mart Essay

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International Economics Paper Name Institution Outline 1. Introduction 2. President and Congress 3. The Federal Reserve 4. What motivates policymakers to stimulate or contract the economy? 5. Effect of Strength of other Economies on the Organization 6. Recommendations 7. Conclusion 8. References Introduction Wal-Mart is an American-based retailing company that has ventured into the international market with the aim of taking over some of the emerging markets across the globe. The company has dominated the local market in the United States, and it is looking to dominate the international market by providing consumers with some of the cheapest alternatives to the products purchased on a daily basis. It follows that Wal-Mart is among the companies that are always complaining when the economy of the United States weakens. A weaker dollar lowers the profit margins of the company because its supply chain is based overseas; hence, the purchasing power of the company decreases. This implies that when the economy is weak, Wal-Mart spends more dollars to acquire products. This paper looks into some of the fundamental principles applied by the authorities to stimulate or weaken the economy, with a close focus on the effects of these strategies on Wal-Mart. President and Congress The president and Congress stimulate the economy by employing short-term measures, which mainly involve momentary fiscal expansion. The president and Congress propose the

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