International Energy And Solar Energy

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London, with its limited free space, high energy demands and complex shape complicates sustainable resource management. Such factors have also contributed to uncertain investment in sustainable energy sources in the City, such as wind and solar power. This paper discusses the approaches scientists take to encourage investment in wind and solar energy and promote the management of sustainable resources.
First, the energy demands of the composite parts of the City must be calculated, different technologies assessed for their suitability and the energy potential of London be determined. A statistical model is helpful in this cross disciplinary field of science. Noting that the most likely investment will be in the “proven and tested” 3-blade wind turbine, which would require an on-shore area the size of Wales to power all of the UK [insert reference] and is deemed ‘unreliable’(Warren, Lumsden, O’Dowd, & Birnie, 2005), it is necessary to investigate combining wind power with other sustainable, renewable energy sources, such as solar power.
For solar panels, sufficient sunlight is required each day to be a viable sustainable energy source. In London, there are many tall buildings which would have good solar exposure, but would also cast shadows on other areas. Scientists can use modelling to map the renewable energy potential in particular areas. LiDAR can show the heights of buildings and variation in height, as well as roof slope and other aspect data using Geographic
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