Essay about International Engineering Proposal

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Background Our generation has become attached to technology, a fixation characterized by our endless fascination with our cell phones. Therefore, it didn’t take long for our group, engineers of different majors, different backgrounds, and different beliefs, to find some common ground: our cell phones. Any college student feels at a disadvantage if they forget their phone during a class or two; our group immediately realized how disadvantaged those in developing nations are without the same technology we take for granted. Therefore, after some brain storming, we decided to create a venture in which we could distribute inexpensive cell phones to those in developing nations. After some research and more brainstorming, it was evident that…show more content…
Cell phones can be used to contact distant villages, increase efficiency in the government, and further develop the economy of the region. Cell phones have successfully led to an increase in communication between villages. The interactions between the villages are significant in less-developed nations because of the subsistence markets. Since the technology allows for easier communication between separated groups of people, different business practices can take shape. Cell phones have been shown to increase profits of many business owners because the businesses can offer competitive prices, and find locations where their products are selling for the most money (Aker). Alternatively, for the same reasons business can raise prices, the average price of goods actually goes down when cell phones are used due to increased efficiency (Aker). This will lead to a more organized and profitable economic system. In addition, the government would benefit from this introduction of technology. The political groups would have simpler, faster conversations through text messages (Vercillo). This is important in politics because the process of decision making would become much more ordered and controlled. Nigerians have significantly less access to electricity than more developed nations, which makes recharging cell phones a difficult task (Vercillo). Therefore, they need an alternate way to power a cell phone. The best solution is to install the solar panel onto the cell
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