International Enrollment At A Small Liberal Arts College

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Introduction- Northland College, a small liberal arts college located in Ashland, WI, has made the decision to increase international enrollment at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The decision was created to increase financial stability and international enrollment. The increase in enrollment is meant to increase diversity and to improve global awareness on campus for all students. The VP for Student Affairs is concerned about creating a campus environment that will enable international students to be academically and socially successful and she wants the larger campus environment to be enriched by the entry of this increasing population of international students. Essentially, she wants the university to be prepared and proactive in serving these students and their classmates. Creating a more global and internationally diverse population has become a trend and many other universities are moving in this direction. The purpose of this shift to a more global population provides many benefits to the campus community. However, there are also some challenges that must be addressed in this shift in order to have the best chances of success with the implementation of this trend. In this paper, issues such as college environment, involvement, engagement, and integration of students, both domestic and international, will be reviewed. This will include looking at current research and theories of college students. That information will be then used to offer solutions
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