International Enterprise With Economic Development And Global Popularity

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In modern world a lot of companies will start their business in other countries, to become an international enterprise with economic development and global popularity (TAST, 2014). International companies to carry out their business around the world, multinational corporations are an important driving force of internationalization and globalization, so that business will not be limited to one country, and increase the company 's sales, also conducive to global companies seeking cheaper labour on a global scale, they can find cheaper recourse, reducing the company 's production cost (TAST, 2014). At this time, the location decision is particularly important when the company open a new company in the overseas, the company has a lot of issues…show more content…
Some authors take the opposite view that the company 's parent country tax policy will also affect the company 's overseas location, through studying data between 1999and 2003 multinational firms in 33 European countries (Barrios, Huizinga, Laeven, &Nicodème, 2012).According to Robinson and Stocken (2013) some countries in order to attract foreign investment will be made very favourable tax policy, some enterprises consider the interests they will likely choice this country. Choen (2000) also think tax policy has a major impact on business location decisions, some of the tax return or tax cuts for the enterprises profits have a great impact, but the government will be worried too preferential policies for local enterprise is unfair, maybe lead the people criticism. For example, China 's foreign investment policy, the government will reward some foreign firms which have a good develop, or let some multinational companies enjoy low tax rates tax policies that encourage multinational companies to enter the Chinese market, but also to promote the Chinese enterprises seek out
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