International Entrepreneurship Infusion

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International Entrepreneurship Infusion The report is about Infusion, a multinational IT company, serving the diversified markets and customers. The report casts light upon its expansion strategy, innovation based approach, employee growth and the way forward. International Entrepreneurship at Infusion The first ever office of Infusion was established in USA by two young entrepreneurs. There was no sound planning behind the establishment of this office, rather the passion to grow in the field of information technology paved the way for birth of a new firm, whose founders were enthusiastic to target the corporate giants of the US market. Through successful penetration in the market of technological training, the firm expanded its operations from training to consultancy. It was a small firm with few employees who knew ins and outs of the business. It was knowledge of the business which motivated the initial founders to offer partnership to the leaving employees. The expansion to Canada and UK was mainly based on the shifting of employees to these countries. It was the element of familiarity and trust which motivated both the employees and founders to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. It was the spirit to cooperate with each other that paved way for cost reduction across the offices in USA and Canada and marked success for both the offices. The expansion to UAE and India followed a different method. There was no movement to employee who could be contacted to
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