International HRM Case Study: Brunt Hotel Management

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International HRM Case Study - Brunt Hotels

The decision by Brunt Hotel management, to expand to the French market means that a strategic, marketing, human resource, and rebranding plan must be in place before the anticipated four weeks’ timeline. According to the case study by (Robson, 2008), the company’s decision to utilize the ethnocentric approach for employment means that the expressions of interest must be from existing Parent Company Managers. However, it appears that none of these managers are fluent French speakers (Robson, 2008). Hence, the priority must be a recruitment drive based on knowledge, skills, and ability to lean the French cultural and communication skill and language.
Based on the evidence provided in (Robson, 2008) “case study one” I would state the following as strategic priorities for Brunt Hotel. Firstly, conduct an audit of existing staff who are willing to relocate to France. Also, a checklist of remaining French hotel from the acquired hotel. This examination will shed light on knowledge and skill set. Upon competition of that review, the HR department must develop a
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Strong management skills with a minimum of three years team management experience in a hospitality industry plus two years full-service restaurant experience. Proven leadership and mentorship role and the ability to motivate the team. Understanding and knowledge of spirits, cocktails, and wine and bar operations. Capable of multi-tasking and priority setting are essential. Additionally, candidates should be willing to learn useful French communication skills including the ability to articulate information in French to both guests and team members in a humble, and professional manner. Microsoft proficiency in Excel, Word, Google Docs and ability to absorb additional software programs as needed. Will be an asset. Interested individuals are asked to respond to this email no later than Friday 13th October
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