International HRM Questions

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International HRM Questions What are some of the potential security threats to managing information related to these activities across multiple locations? Human resources generally houses very sensitive information about their employees and the business in general. This includes personal items such as social security numbers, date of births, work history, benefit information, and even bank account. Storing this information digitally invites a host of security issues; especially when this information is compiled in a central database that allows locations to have remote access. Having online access to such information allows either hackers the opportunity to access the data as well as provides a greater opportunity for an error that could expose the data. What strategies or tools could be used to minimize these types of threats upon implementing a system in this situation? There are a wide range of tools that can help reduce the risks of security issues. These include everything from firewalls to antivirus software, secure intranet connections, remote user authentication tools, among many others. Although these tools can greatly reduce the risk of security exposure, no system is perfect and great care should be used to house such data. Assess what a company's MIS department does and how companies use information systems to help manage internal operations and to make decisions Management Information Systems (MIS) can greatly streamline the data in which management
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