International Hiv / Aids Alliance

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International HIV/AIDS Alliance. (2014, July 23). Launch of community guide to WHO guidelines: supporting communities to drive the HIV response. Medical News Today. Retrieved from
This article is a good resource to refer to because it talks about what is being done currently regarding people that are living with HIV/AIDS. This guideline was formed as a “response to the WHO guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV” (International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2014). This guideline was made to help the communities to have a better understanding of how to prevent HIV and treatments to help treat the disease. It is also aimed to help people who are living with HIV. It gives them the opportunity to come together and be aware of resources available to them in order to live healthier and longer.
By referring to the current unit, I was able to refer to the recommended sites and look up current issues related to HIV/AIDS. This information is accurate because it refers to professional organizations and gives links to the community guide mentioned above.
As a health educator this article can be extremely helpful. Health educators can work in the community to educate about healthy living. If HIV/AIDS is a concern in the community they are working for, this new guideline could possibly be used to start a support group. Any information to help people have a voice, maintain healthy lives, and provide helpful…

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