International Hospitality Industry Has Been Affected By Globalisation

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Introduction In the past few years, international hospitality industry has been affected by globalisation, revolution of information technology, fragmentation of customer demand, and the emergence of economic integration of supplier in the networks. Globalisation means a process to reduce the barriers between one country to another (Brotherthon, 2003). Hence, it is a critical issue in the industry where the essence of the product is international and the encounter with the customer is intercultural. The hospitality industry has often been called as "people business" (Downling et al., 2008). Therefore, Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a crucial role in the industry as it understands the human aspects on the organisation. HRM deals with people in the organisation- how to manage their behaviour and activities in order to increase the organisation 's profit. It has the function in the organisation to focus on recruiting the management and providing directions for the people in the organisations. Moreover, it deals with issues related to people, such as performance management, hiring, wellness, benefit, safety, compensation, training, and communication (Hayes & Ninemeler, 2009). HRM is one of the phenomenon which has property to change under globalisation effect. It is both and academic theory and business practice. From the HRM perspective, an international hospitality industry is a caricature, where in reality derived from the local management structures,
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