International Hrm Analyses for Haelec Products Ltd Essay

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International HRM analyses for Haelec Products Ltd | February 25 2014 | An analyses which will allow Haelec Management Team to implement an expansion programme in terms of establishing HR Policies abroad. | Jason Clark | 1.0 Introduction Since 1990, Haelec Products Ltd has grown from strength to strength in the production and manufacturing of various products including its latest creation of the Wireless Atomic Weather Station (WAWS). The demand for this product from Institutions and Governments had lead the need for the company to look into manufacturing the product overseas to be able to keep up with demand. This increased demand has main came from countries in and around the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, so it would…show more content…
Thanks to globalisation, you are likely to work with Japanese, French, Chinese, German and all sorts of other nationalities. It is important to recognise that people from different cultures are different in a variety of ways. It is hypothesized that cultural differences in behaviour will mean differences in HRM practices within different cultures but those within the same cultural cluster will be similar whereas those in different clusters will be dissimilar. Employees and managers from different cultures take decisions in different ways – the processes, behaviours and values are not the same. People have different value orientations as a result of individual psychology, life-stage and generation and assumptions about behaviour determined by cultures are linked to a variety of organisational behaviours. Research by Tayeb in 1988 indicated that matched pair organisations for India and the UK were similar on dimensions of specialisation and centralisation but were different in the degree of consultation and delegation of authority. UK managers consult subordinate more widely in decision-making and delegated authority further through the hierarchy than in India. Another study showed that in China the level at which decisions could be taken was higher up the organisational hierarchy than in UK (Masterby-Smith, Malina and Yuan 1996). HRM functions have to understand the importance of differing cultural values and
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