International Human Resource Management (Importance Ad Significance)

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Differences between Domestic and International Human Resource Management 2
What is Expatriate 4
IHRM has three dimensions 4
International assignments create expatriates 5
Increasing Importance of International Human Resource Management 6
Significance of International Human Resource Management 9
Conclusion 11
Reference……. 12

As we enter the new millennium, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of managing their human resources as effectively as possible. They are also recognizing that doing so, however, cannot be done without recognition and incorporation of the global context. It is virtually impossible to read a business periodical or
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Differences between Domestic and International Human Resource Management
Sl. No. IHRM Domestic HRM
1. It deals with a very broader perspective. It deals with a very narrow perspective- looks only for the domestic country HR.
2. It considers the global laws prevailing across the world. It considers the laws prevailing in the country where company is having its headquarters.
3. More involvement in employees lives happens There are standard policies for every employees working in the country.
4. External influences and factor affect the company. There are not much of external influences to affect the company.
5. Work force that is people from different culture work together. Generally people from the home country works in the company.
6. There is a risk factor involved such as terrorism crisis etc. A minimal of risk is involved as compared to international perspective.
7. There is a complexity involved in handling different people from different country. It is relatively easy to handle the employees as they belong to same country.
8. Attitude of senior management people differ as it involves dealing globally. Attitudes generally tend to be the same with all employees.
9. Involvements of different culture do affect the organization’s culture. As employees are generally from same country, adoption of culture is very feasible.

The main differences as expected that the IHRMs follow more rules and regulations along with more stringent international policies
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