International Human Resource Management

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Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. International HRM 2 2.1 Expatriate 3 2.2 Factors Affecting companies in an international level 3 3. Activities of HR managers in local and international level 4 3.1 HR Planning and Analysis: 4 3.2 Equal Employment Opportunities: 4 3.3 Recruitment and Selection process: 5 3.4 Motivation, Compensation and Benefits: 5 3.5 Health, Safety and Security: 5 3.6 Management Employee relationships: 6 4. Conclusion and Recommendation 6 5. References and Bibliography 7 1. Introduction Arguably after customers, the most important part of an organization is their employees. Employees are the heart and soul of a company and no matter how big a corporation is, without motivated and well oriented…show more content…
HRM plays a key role in international level because it is the duty of the HR department to identify, train and develop individuals who are ready to take up the challenge of an ‘expatriate’ (Lexicon, 2013). Living in an unknown place with different culture, style, preference can be tough for anyone; therefore, the HRD needs to identify people who can actually undertake this pressure. Expatriates are essential for the organization as they are responsible for delivering the goals, objectives and spreading the culture of the home country’s organization. 2.2 Factors Affecting companies in an international level When a company decides to shift its operation, combine with a foreign company, or open a new branch in a new country, it faces various challenges and obstacles. The company needs to adapt itself with the external forces of the host country. Some of the external forces that deeply affect operations of a company in a host country are: a. Culture: Perhaps the most important and critical part of the focus is culture of the host country. As different places have different culture based on their ancestors, lifestyle, religion, etc., Parent country companies need to understand and respect the culture and their lifestyle. For instance, Asian employees prefer to work in teams and team is a very important part in a workplace while Western
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