International Human Resources

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Introduction International Human Resources Management (IHRM) definitions are wide-ranging and for some, IHRM issues explore aspects of Human Resources Management (HRM) in Multinational Enterprises (MNE)’s (Briscoe 1995) while others ‘strategic international human resource management (SHRM) is no more than the application of SHRM to the international or global business context’ (Nankervis, Compton & Baird 2002, p.617). Much IHRM work has focused on the areas of international staffing and management development, however, IHRM should not neglect many related areas (Rowley & Benson 2002). Another approach focuses on comparative industrial relations (IR) and HRM, where attempts are made to describe, compare, and analyse HRM systems and…show more content…
Thus, when two of the Australian service companies entered USSR and Middle East, both target countries were geographically and ‘psychically’ extremely different from the Australian operations, yet this was where the business opportunities lay and the companies were prepared to take the risks involved in setting up operations in these countries. The companies that took the more unconventional routes to international were more likely to have put in place HR policies. Thus, the service companies had an extensive pre-departure program for their expatriates, an extensive communication structure, and was in the process of constructing a repatriation process: the overseas locations were so psychologically and geographically far removed from Australia that special provisions had to be made. Type of Industry The type of industry also appears to have an impact of the IHRM practices adopted. Welch’s study suggests that ‘the service company may be more vulnerable than the manufacturing firm as it has not experience that preparatory stages of exporting which allows exposure to some of the inherent difficulties involved in offshore business venture’ (p.152-3). However, evidence from the study indicated that a service company may be able to leverage certain advantages. Thus, one
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