International Humanitarian Intervention : The United Nations

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International Humanitarian Intervention The history overview of International Humanitarian Intervention it was founded in 1945, but the United Nations strives “to provide peace, security, and justice.9” The belief was to achieve this is through humanitarian intervention the use of force if the international law can 't reconcile it. Three principles make up humanitarian intervention: 1. uses military force 2. interferes in the target state’s internal affairs 3.responds to crises where states’ 10interests are not directly threatened. For the UN to get authorized they look to the Security Council United States, France, Britain, China, and Russia to authorize military force because UN does not have a military. The post- Cold War Era there…show more content…
As an international community there is have an obligation to respect the basic human right of citizens but as make sure that governments respect and not the serious violation of fundamental civil and political rights. That why they are an appropriate case to have interventions to secure the individual autonomy and dignity.14 This stems from our right to duty to help a person that are experiencing grieve injustices. International Humanitarian Intervent Realism Perespective In the perspective of realism believe that intervention is a tool for the foreign policy that serves national interest15. If you are looking that humanitarian intervention it is a different concept its ground is neither international law nor realpolitik but ethics16.As mention previously humanitarian intervention is about protecting the innocent from unjustified violence, such have intervened in Sudan to stop the on-going human suffering or intervened in Rwanda to prevent the 1994 genocide. Realism understands that you will never know countries true motives. However, look at it as what you can get from intervention also what are your real motives of the intervention and what pushing countries to help on hand for photo, and internal regard you intervene you stop that the injustice but the actual motivation was may get more geopolitical advantage. The country only goes in if they benefit some how and if they don’t intervene this classical national
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