International Investment Forum Part IIi

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FRANCE GOODIES HERSHEY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT FORUM PART III Troy and Nikki 12/8/2014 Hirji BBB4M Industry Specific Information for a plan to enter the market in France. GOODIES HERSHEY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT FORUM FRANCE Industry Specific Information Timeline for Industry Development: Step 1 – December 17, 2014 Contact Valrhona via email or phone, and interest them in the possibility of a joint venture. The goal of this contact would be in hopes to arrange a date where both companies can send representatives to discuss the idea of a venture occurring. • This venture would include larger consumer base for both companies • Selling the both companies products in stores • Use of each other’s factories and delivery systems…show more content…
Step 8 – February 3, 2015 Start hiring employees and give them a background check through the Ministry of Labour. Those employees excelling in North America would get a chance at a promotion as executives of the new locations, and as trainers of the new employees. International and Domestic Competition: The international competition includes Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé S.A. and Mondelez International Inc. All are large companies and would be competitors anywhere. The domestic competition includes Valrhona, Michel Cluziel and Yves Thurlies. Valrhona seems to be the biggest competitor and regards to size and reputation. Export and Import Restrictions: Export Restrictions: • No restrictions for the value and quantity of exported articles when leaving to a non-E.U. country. • Currency has no restrictions for leaving to another EU country • Currency must be declared if over 10,000 Euros or equivalent in another currency if travelling to a non-euro country • Nothing on products that may relate to chocolate Import Restrictions: • All import laws for travelling into France from both Euro and non-Euro countries have restrictions on limits of tobacco, and alcoholic products • The only exception is milk from any non-Euro country with the exception of Andorra, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, and Croatia with limited
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