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When looking at big brands and companies, such as fast food industries, one can think of a couple of favorite go-to places. Places like these have strong marketing strategies to get customers to keep coming back for more and become favorable to the public. It is in the hands of public relations to handle a company’s brand image to get people hooked to a business’s products and to keep a positive relationship with its consumers. On the other hand, it is also the duty of public relations to handle the company’s image when it is ruined or in a crisis. One example of a company that has a great brand image, but also dealt with a crisis is Chipotle and it’s E. coli crisis. If it wasn’t for Chipotle’s powerful public image and integrity towards its customers when in crisis, the business would’ve shut down completely. In this scenario, the power of public relations was Chipotle’s hero.
In the scholarly journal, International Journal of Strategic Communication, a particular article called, “Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Sincerity: A Case Study of Chipotle Mexican Grill 's ‘Food with Integrity’ Program” by Matthew W. Ragas and Marilyn S. Roberts and the trade article, “Chipotle, Edelman Split amid E. coli Crisis” both portray the power of public relations within the brand, Chipotle in good and bad times. Both articles look at the pathos, ethos, and logos to explain why the use of public relations was so powerful for the company. In the article,

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