International Journal On Cloud Computing

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International Journal on Cloud Computing: Services and ArchitectureTrusted Cloud Computing Introduction Cloud computing is a service that many businesses and organizations use to store large amounts of data with more cost efficiency. Using a service such as cloud computing can greatly minimize the cost spent on hardware and software or software licensing for corporations, and at the same time enhance the performance of business processes. The main concern with cloud computing remains primarily with privacy and security since all data and information are stored on the service provider’s network rather than a local personal computer. However, to resolve the problem of security, a Trusted cloud computing platform (TCCP) design was proposed to enable Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS). The suppliers like Amazon EC2 guarantees the trusted execution of virtual machines to provide a closed box execution, facilitating the users to test the IAAS supplier and decide whether the service is secure or not before launching their virtual machines (Santos, Gummadi, & Rodrigues, 2009, p. 1). Considering how important cloud computing had become, TCCP seems to be an ideal solution to the problem of cloud computing privacy and security. Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) Infrastructure as a service is one of three service models of cloud computing. By using this service, “users install their operating system and their application software on the cloud computing provider’s computer (Rainer,
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