International Labor Law

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ADIVISING GPC – A Memorandum

Final Exam

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SCOPE OF THE MEMORANDUM • • What are the potential problems GPC might face nor or in the foreseeable future in the light of developments in the international labor rights field? What can we do to deal with these problems if we
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It not only suffers from issues with Devinco but more importantly, GPC is required to take some imperative actions at its own end. It is upon these remedial measures that a Contract of Partnership can be established between the government of Devinco and GPC.

CURRENT AND POTENTIAL ISSUES FACED BY GPC As pointed out earlier, GPC faces issues both at its management level in United States and by the government of Devinco. Serious violations of the labor standards have been reported by the Human Rights organizations in the country of Devinco. Also, it has been reported that GPC has a disparate labor and employment standards in its locations of operations globally.

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