International Law And International Legal Subjects

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The first reading for this week was a chapter out of a book about international legal subjects. International legal subjects include things like insurgents, national liberation movements, international organizations, and individuals (Cassese, 124). States have not been happy when insurgents try to enter their territory. Insurgents are rebels and they feel as if they are dangerous. Insurgents are state like and they have many characteristics that states have. They do not have as many rights are states does and their duties are limited. This chapter also discussed Sui Generis Entities, The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) is one of the entities explained in the chapter. Although this entity was private it has…show more content…
NGOs are non-governmental organizations that typically operate within a country or region internationally. Many of the NGOs are non-state actors because they do not represent a state. Also, they are different because of the influence they have on international law- making (Cali, 142). One of the main objectives for NGOs is to influence state behavior towards people, resources, or species within and outside of states territories’. To make that happen NGOs would have to interact with international law and institutions. NGOs has shaped the public’s view on many things. The impact they have on things such as climate change, modified food, and nuclear proliferation is big. When keeping people up to date on things like this helps bring countries into the spotlight. NGOs are also involved in negations once the process of law-making gets started. NGOs are basically here to influence the important things that is happening. NGOs also play a big role in the enforcement of international law. They basically try to develop standards and then try to get a state to agree with them (Cali, 157). They try different ways to get a state to comply with their idea. NGOs tries to use everything they can to get states to change their behavior. I believe that NGOs are important because of the role they play. The third reading I did for this week was an article on the United States Nations Charter. The main idea in this article is the constitution.
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