International Law Changed During Post Wwii New World

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International Law profoundly changed in a post WWII new world order in which the world was forced to face one of the most disturbing and difficult conflicts in its history. Regions across all frontiers were affected by the spread of nuclear weapons, genocide, tyranny and other manmade strategies to deflect the stability and tranquility of a once calmer and more serene world. Institutions such as the United Nations were devised after the end of a war that convinced nations that what happens around the world affects each and everyone living in this planet; thus, the surge of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the charters composing it. For the first time we began to look at an individual for more than their country of origin or religious denomination and simply stated that we are all humans and under a global community deserve respect and specific rights that all countries are responsible for. The individual during this time more than ever became the focus of the creation of the laws that would follow from thereon (Orakhelashvili, 2000). The opinions regarding what status and legal position individuals hold in international law vary, as well as what makes up the background and frontiers to formulate their legal position. The shift into the importance and concentration of humanitarian laws has exasperated a system in which the protection of the individual is essential in the development of international rules. The international and global communities have centered

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