International Law On Sexual Violence

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International Law on Sexual Violence in Congo Roody Mossimi Dr. Bruce Stanley Politics of International Law INR 6210 15th December 2015 Richmond the American international University in London This essay will discuss about the problems within international law which revolves around sexual violence and using the Democratic Republic of Congo as a case study. In addition, the essay will explain about who is accountable, how to obtain witnesses and provide recommendations on improving international law to bring the perpetrators to justice and reduce crime overall. But primarily, the sexual violence has to be explained and how there is international law for this issue. According to (WHO, 2002) & (Obote-Odora, 2005, p135), sexual violence is not limited rape, but a person conducting a sexual act on another person via coercion. Sexual violence can relate to violence psychologically and physically and this is aimed at the sexuality of a person and this could include forced acts such as sexual slavery and prostitution. Sexual violence is prevalent in peace and armed conflict scenarios. This is regarded as traumatic, pervasive a common violation that people suffer from. This is a grave health and human rights issue that affects the individual mentally and physically in the short term as well as the long term. Though women and girls suffer disproportionately from sexual violence, it can happen to anyone from any age. This can be caused and the
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