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Globalization Effects on Culture, Business Ethics, and Leadership: A Managerial View Introduction The world’s economy has developed and changed dramatically throughout the years and continues to do so. We are quickly moving away from a world where each country’s economy is isolated and more towards a world with an interdependent global economic system. This interdependent global economic system is commonly referred to as globalization (Saee 2005). The book written by John Saee, Managing Organizations in a Global Economy: An Intercultural Perspective, suggests that the growth of global trade, cross-border investments, mass migration, large-scale tourism, and much more has turned the world into more of a “global village” (Saee 2005).…show more content…
Not everyone sees globalization this way though. L. Šimanskienė (2003) points out that one result of globalization is the increasing employment due to the abundance of general working power. No matter what opinion you take on globalization though, there is no doubt that it is continuing to spread and change the way managers do business. It is also forcing managers to continue to grow and learn and to think of new and creative ways to get ahead in today’s competitive economy. Business Ethics The world is changing dramatically due to how fast-paced businesses are becoming. Successful businesses are being dominated by globalization. Business ethics are becoming very important due to the commands of globalization. To survive in a global economy one very important thing is the way an organization implements their business ethics (Boatwright 2003). As a manager, you create these ethics and this is what your company can grow and become successful on. A lot of these businesses are being driven by capitalism. In John Boatwright’s article Globalization and the Ethics of Business he states, “Globalization is Darwinism at its best, a true example of survival of the fittest” (Boatwright p.4). The market is becoming so big that it forces companies to become bigger and better than they ever have been. There is an extreme level of competition. Because there is so much competition it may cause businesses to do the absolute extreme to become on top or even just
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