International Management: Market Entry

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Introduction If an industry has decided to conquer the international market, there are many choices that will be opened. These options may include the cost, risk and the degree of control that the company will encounter ( 2001). In entering an international business, it is important that the management of the company should be able to choose a marketing entry strategy so as to make the company be more competitive ( 1986). Primarily, the purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the marketing entry mode that British Petroleum may use to enter the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) market. In this manner, the discussion of the current situation of Hong Kong will be analyse as well as the international…show more content…
Since the country has a positive vision regarding oil and natural gas products and other chemicals, BP can use this as an instrument to expose its products in the population of China ( 1997) and show the quality of products and services they offer. Various Environments When a firm decides to expand its venture to international market, it faces different challenges that need to be given emphasis (, 1999). One of the most important considerations that should be given enough attention by the management of any industry like oil industries is the different environmental factors that affect the firm as a whole (1980). BP operates in a complex and more competitive environment. This is because only few countries can able to produce oils and natural gases. In this manner, the competition to produce and provide products and services for different consumers is demanded not only in the domestic arena but most especially to the international market ( 1995). The environment in which oil industries belong is a kind that must be given enough consideration in order for the company to be recognised in the whole world. Factors, such as consumer segments, political, economic and technological factors ( 2000) are few of environmental aspects, needed to be determined by BP as
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