International Management Portfolio Assessment Essay

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International Management 375
Assessment 1 - Individual Portfolio

Portfolio questions: week 3

1. Discuss how the Internet and culture interact. Which most affects the other and how? Give some examples.
Internet has now become an integral thing from the viewpoint of organizations and society and it is now emerged as a technology which is creating effectiveness for these aspects from different angles (BEREND AUTOR WIERENGA, 2000). There is a considerable difference found among internet and culture and the interaction of both of these aspects are not easy, as there are certain countries and environment and cultures wherein the utilization of internet is not easy because of the backward thinking of the people living in this region.
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3. Identify three stereotypes that foreigners typically hold about Australians. Why do you think they might hold these stereotypes? Identify three cultural stereotypes that you hold (about foreign cultures).

The level of thinking and perception of every individual is different from the other and they have the guts and abilities to use their thinking and perception for the sake of their country and entity as well. Stereotypes are a kind of error in terms of thinking and perception in which people have a different level of thinking against an individual or a specific community. There are number of stereotypes which foreigners usually hold about Australians and among them some of them are, Punctual, Rude and Egoists are some of them. The main reason behind holding and having these stereotypes is the attitudes and cultures which have been seen in the sports in which Australian players have rude behaviors with the other players playing in the other eleven. In terms of foreign cultures, the three stereotypes we have are trustworthy, loyal and dedicated (Damien McLoughlin, 2010).

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